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Designer Profile: AG Adriano Goldschmied

May 20, 2011

With a myriad of denim styles, shapes, washes and rises calling to you when undertaking the horrid task of jean shopping, it is easy to simply abort the mission and stick to an everyday costume of leggings or, dare we say it, the classic trakkie dak.

This is a catastrophe that simply must be avoided and here at Salt we have the perfect solution, and his name is Adriano Goldschmied, or AG.

Offering a variety of cuts that flatter all body types, in soft denim sure to turn any jean buying nightmare into a dream, AG is the hottest brand of the moment and has adorned the bottom of all the coolest celebs including Charlize Theron and Serena van Der Woodsen herself, actress Blake Lively. With winter here we also have a beautiful cord pair on offer, a welcome respite for all you denim junkies out there.

AG Jegging Cord; Photos (cropped) courtesy of AG

AG Premiere; Photos (cropped) courtesy of AG

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