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May 13, 2011


Secret Squirrel is a new Australian label for Salt. With such a cute name and clothing to match it might have caught your eye in the press. In particular I love this ‘Straight to my heart dress.’ With stockings and boots you can’t go wrong. In fact on my recent trip to Europe I was told I looked French wearing this piece. Well that did it for me!

Secret Squirrel Dress in Floral; Photo courtesy of Secret Squirrel


Ok it is possible I have an obsession with LOVER that should most likely have me committed, however, how could I NOT be obsessed when presented with this velvet masterpiece.

Lover Isadora Velvet Dress in Paisley; Photo courtesy of Lover


Our new knee-high diamond-knit Obüs socks are the perfect winter accessory to jazz up boots and add a little extra warmth on these cold days. Coming in 4 colours – stone, cocoa, emerald and mustard – these babies look brilliant over jeans or tights with a long boot (a la our Rock D.Co boots). SOCK-SATIONAL!

Obüs diamond-knit socks.  Photo courtesy of Obüs

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